Walter Le Pere Post 208

Rental of Facilities Information

Note: Pictures of the facility are in the Photo Gallery

American Legion Post 208 has two rental spaces.  The larger of the two spaces with 150 person capacity is upstairs and has a handicapped ramp from the parking lot.  The rest rooms are located on this upstairs level.  The downstairs lounge space with a 60 person capacity can only be accessed by stairways.

The following are fees charged to a non-member of Post 208.

The rental fee for the upstairs hall is four hours for $350 (for hours between 9 a.m. and midnight).  The hall is available until 1 a.m. for an additional $100.  All upstairs hall rentals require a downstairs Post 208 trained bartender and an upstairs Post 208 trained bartender or Post 208 representative.

There is a kitchen downstairs that may be used during hall and lounge rentals for a fee of $50.  The renter is responsible for cleaning the kitchen after use.  The renter shall pay the Post bartenders/representatives directly and not as part of the rental fee paid the Post.

The minimum rental for the downstairs lounge is four hours for $250 (for the hours between 9 a.m. and midnight).  All downstairs lounge rentals require a Post 208 trained bartender.  Again, the renter shall pay the bartender directly.

The fee paid to the bartenders/representatives shall be agreed upon prior to the rental.

All rentals require a $100 non-refundable reservation fee at the time of submission of the application.  This reservation fee shall be applied to the rental fee 30 days before the event.  If the renter requests the hall to be opened more than once for the event, the renter will be charged an additional $35 per hour with a one-hour minimum.  All rental fees and half beer barrel charges must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event date.

The post will clean the hall after the event, however, the renter has the responsibility to place trash and recycling in the proper containers.  The cost of our contracted cleaning after an event is included in the rental fees above.  The renter must keep the parking lot free of trash and debris.  The renter will do a pre-rental walk-through to note the condition of the facility and will be charged for any damage beyond the condition at that walk-through.

There is no smoking in the Post facility.  This includes electronic cigarette type devices.

No firearms are permitted in the facility.

No alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages of any kind may be brought into the Post.  All beverages must be purchased from the Post bar.  None of the alcoholic beverages should be consumed by any individual who is under 21 years of age.  Beverage charges are as follows:

1/2 barrel of beer (with cups) $200.00.  12-oz. Can of beer $2.00. 12-oz. can of soda $1.00  Setup soda (per 2-liter bottle) $2.50.

Decorations are permitted but must be cleanly removed without damage to the facility.  Tables and chairs may be rearranged but not removed from the building.

The renter shall be required to sign a pre-rental agreement which includes the above information and more.